How To Build Muscle Without Steroids Fast?

how-to-gain muscle without steroids

A well known myth in the bodybuilding community is that in order to gain muscle fast, you will need to take steroids such as dianabol, deca, sustanon and other harmful supplements.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Steroids will of course speed up your muscle building, but it comes with a heavy price of damaging your body in the process. A much better and safer option is to gain muscle through good nutrition and a proper muscle building program.

I am going to share with you some quality techniques that will get you ripped and built in no time at all. If you happen to be a novice to the gym then you should follow the below advice, this is going to show you how to gain muscle without steroids:

Avoid Working Out on Any of the Machines if You Can

By lifting free weight it will enable you to control and balance the weight properly, this will promote a more natural motion which will help you to gain muscle much more effectively.

You should try to start by lifting lighter weights, to learn a good and stable technique for your training. Once you have it mastered to a fine art, then you can gradually add more weight to the bar, but remember not to push to hard, until your muscles are stronger.

While pushing your body is recommended, you need to make sure you know your limits or you will injure yourself, and you don’t want that.

Do Some Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are particularly good because they will work multiple muscles, and as before, once you build up your muscle mass and get stronger you can experiment in some isolated exercises.

Also, Its worth pointing out that full body workouts are also excellent and very beneficial to your frame, try to do some squats and dead lifts as these are among’s the best full body workouts for sure.

Get Some Rest

Your muscles need rest in order for them to heal and grow to the fullness, make sure your body has the full recovery period, this really is one of the best muscle building secrets I can share with you, It really is the key to building muscle.

Eat the right muscle building food

You need to eat a lot, because the food you eat is your body’s fuel, try to eat foods high in protein as these tend to repair your muscles better than most.

If you follow the above tips then you will no doubt start to gain muscle faster than you could ever imagine, all without the need for those poisonous steroids that in the end will destroy you.